Soda Fired Stoneware


 at Piñon Hill Clay Studio

Nicole Copel Ceramics​ 

Nicole Copel uses the potter’s wheel as a tool to create forms that are then frequently altered through removing areas of clay to enhance movement and flowing lines.  In her work there is a focus on arrangements, groupings and stacked sets. 

The surfaces of her porcelain pieces are often decorated using both muted and bright colors, layered glazes, paper resist methods or a wax resist method that creates a slightly raised and textured surface.  Nicole uses a variety of firing techniques including oxidation and reduction and she is currently getting to know her recently built soda kiln. The soda ash and water solution sprayed into the kiln at high temperature is evident on the ceramic ware and creates a glaze sheen, directional markings from the spray, and at times a slightly raised orange peel-like surface. 

Nicole received her MFA in Ceramics from Kansas State University under Yoshi Ikeda, Anna Calluori Holcombe and Dr. Glen Brown.  She has since lived in La Veta, Colorado where she works in her ceramics studio and for a decade owned and operating a gallery in La Veta, Colorado.  

As an adjunct art instructor since 2006 at Colorado State University In Pueblo, Nicole has instructed ceramics students from beginners to graduate students.  She also teaches kid’s classes, workshops and private lessons.  In La Veta, Nicole volunteers with the Spanish Peaks Arts Council and has served on the board, gallery committee and annual fundraising events.  Nicole currently serves as an advisory board member for the Potters Council, the national non-profit organization that works on behalf of ceramic artists. 

For three years Nicole traveled with a team of ceramic artists to Port-au-Prince, Haiti to teach pottery making skills to employees of an art-based, socially conscious business called Papillion Enterpises